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OLT Crystal Shifter devices contribute to the global fight against COVID-19

Diamond scientists were supported by OLT’s Crystal Shifter devices and software to solve a new structure of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease (MPro), and complete an XChem crystallographic fragment screen against it.

In just 72 hours, 600 optimized crystals have been harvested and analysed. Thousands of more crystals followed, on one day over 1,000 crystals have been harvested before lunch! Such high optimization and harvesting troughput was enabled by Oxford Lab Technologies’ Crystal Shifter devices and software. The harvesting results were directly fed to XChem’s analytical pipeline for further processing. Diamond’s daily data sets are made available freely to the global scientific community.

We are humbled our devices and software are helping scientists at Diamond and contributing to such an important global research effort.

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