Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What maintenance is required for Shifter devices?
    A: Once the device is set-up to Customer’s needs, there is typically very little maintenance involved. The Customer will have to keep device clean and dust free and may from time to time have to adjust sensors and moving parts. Springs and (Z-motor) Caps can get loose from usage and may require periodic re-tightening or adjustment. The device requires periodic re-calibration depending on the volume of use and operating conditions. Maintenance and day-to-day running are responsibility of the Customer. OLT offers customised hardware and software maintenance on request.


  2. What maintenance and support is available for Crystal Shifter?
    A: OLT provides support and maintenance agreements for both hardware and software. OLT’s maintenance agreements includes unlimited time and materials but excludes wear and tear materials, accidental damage, and travel costs. Customers are responsible for daily operation and maintenance of the device (e.g. keeping the device clean and calibrated).

  3. Where can OLT deliver the Shifter device?
    Crystal Shifter devices are used worldwide. OLT delivers Ex Works but usually assists shipping and customs procedures to ensure smooth delivery. 
  4. What should I know before considering purchase of Shifter device?
    OLT highly recommends arranging a Shifter Demo (please contact us to arrange a demo). Talking to one of Crystal Shifter users and seeing device in one of the customer labs is recommended too.

  5. What else will I need to operate Shifter?
    We recommend using Crystal Shifter with a Touch-Screen PC and you will need a Microscope.  Our software can use barcode readers for tracking crystals and pucks. 
    Crystal Shifter integrates with a variety of popular lab equipment (e.g. imagers, databases, foot/hand controllers, etc). Please get in touch with OLT to discuss integration with other equipment and accessories. OLT can also provide technical detail/specifications on request to aid purchase of any accessories or compatible equipment.

  6. Can I use Crystal Shifter for imaging hanging drop plates?
    Yes – Crystal Shifter can perform imaging at room temperature for both sitting and hanging drop plates. 

  7. What Plates can I use with Shifter?
    Shifter is designed for SwissCI 96 MRC 3 “Midi” Lens plates (or plates with same dimensions). Shifter can accommodate any other SBS-sized plates. Over the years we have developed adapters for most popular plates like SwissCI 96 MRC 2 drop, Intelliplate 96/3d, Maxi. In the unlikely case the adapter for your plate is not available we can develop this for you. 
    Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

  8. Can Shifter handle hanging drop plates?
    Shifter is designed for and typically used for sitting drop applications but can accommodate hanging drop too in combination with NexTal 15 drop guards.

  9. Can I use different plate types at the same time?

    Shifter operates 2 plates at the time and users can use different plate types at the same time – for example, MRC3 plate can be in one plate carrier and MRC2 plate in the other. User can then use both plate types at the same time and in the same Shifter workflow (e.g. to distribute crystals from an MRC2 to MRC3 plate).