Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  1. Q: What maintenance is required for Shifter devices?
    A: Once the Customer sets up the device to their needs, there is typically very little maintenance involved. The Customer will have to keep device clean and dust free and may from time to time have to adjust sensors and moving parts. Springs and (Z-motor) Caps can get loose from usage and may require periodic re-tightening or adjustment. The device may require periodic re-calibration depending on the volume of use and operating conditions. Maintenance and day-to-day running are responsibility of the Customer.
  2. Q: Can OLT calibrate and configure my Shifter device?
    A: Whilst OLT can provide basic configuration and initial set-up service, on a day-to-day basis it is Customer’s responsibility to configure, adjust, and calibrate the device to their needs. This will include software and hardware parameters and mechanical adjustment of parts such as Plate Carriers, springs, covers, pulleys and belts. It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure the device is suitable to their needs. OLT only provides materials and assembly service for the device.
  3. Q: Calibration and set-up screens warn users of potential damage to device, injury to persons, and invalidation of warranty. Can you please explain?
    A: The Shifter is a custom assembled as special order for Customers and as such, every Shifter device is used differently so its working parameters may differ from one device and laboratory to another. This requires Shifter set-up and calibration options to be very flexible and allow entering parameters that may damage the device or cause injury. For this reason the responsibility associated with changing the configuration and calibration parameters and any damage or injury lies with the Customer. It is Customer’s responsibility to ensure the device is suitable to their needs. OLT only provides materials and assembly service for the device.
  4. Q: Can OLT provide extended warranty period or maintenance services?
    A: Yes, OLT can provide extended warranty periods and maintenance services. This is not a typical offering so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  For the device itself, OLT only provides materials and assembly service and does not warrant the use of the device as a product.
    The Crystal Shifter software is developed and designed by OLT and comes with the annual software update/maintenance plan and related support – the annual software maintenance/update plan is highly recommended.
  5. Q: Can OLT send an engineer to our site?
    A: OLT is a small start-up business and will only send engineers at Customer’s cost and at OLT’s discretion.
  6. Q: What maintenance and support is available for Crystal Shifter?
    A: OLT only provides technical guidance for maintaining and repairing Shifter devices. Exceptionally, OLT will undertake repairs at OLT’s discretion. Customers are responsible for any maintenance and repairs, daily running, and configuration of the device.
  7. Q: What service OLT provides in relation to Crystal Shifter? 
    A: OLT undertake assembly of Crystal Shifter as a special order. OLT only supplies materials and provides assembly service using a third party design and related assembly instructions to construct the Shifter device. OLT does not provide or sell Shifter device as a product nor does it claim or warrant its suitability for any use. OLT develops software for Shifter devic and sells that software to Customers who wish to use it. Both the device and software are provided under conditions specified in OLT’s End User License Agreement.
  8. Q: What should I know before considering purchase of Shifter device?
    A: OLT highly recommends talking to one of Shifter users and seeing device operate in laboratory before making any purchase decisions. Prospective Customers should also read, understand, and accept OLT’s Terms and Conditions and End-User Licence Agreements.
  9. Q: Where can OLT deliver the Shifter device?
    A: Shifter devices are used worldwide. However, OLT services and products are delivered Ex Works (incoterm). OLT will provide packaging and will assist in shipping the device to customer’s locations (typically OLT will liaise with Customer’s shipping agent of choice to help organise shipping). OLT’s responsibility stops at delivering the device at it’s own premises. Customers are invited to inspect the device before any shipping take place. Exceptionally, at OLT’s discretion, we can organise shipping to customer’s address however our delivery terms would remain Ex Works.
  10. Q: Can OLT provide shipping or import/export services?
    A: OLT is a small start-up company and has no facilities to provide shipping, import/export services. All shipping and import/export fees and duties are responsibility of Customer. OLT services and products are delivered Ex Works. OLT will liaise with Customer’s shipping agent of choice, respond to customs queries, and help organise shipping from OLT’s premises to Customer’s location.
    Exceptionally, at OLT’s discretion, we can organise shipping to customer’s address as a separate service. However, in this case, our delivery terms would remain Ex Works.
  11. Q: Why do you require a deposit for the Shifter device?
    A: OLT procures materials and assembles the Shifter device as special, custom, order for the Customer. The deposits are required to accept the order and typically part-cover costs of materials, administration, and ordering of parts.
  12. Q: What else will I need to operate Shifter?
    A: The customer is recommended to have a touch-screen PC and Microscope that can fit the Shifter device. The software can make use of a barcode reader for tracking crystals through the worfklow so you may also want to consider a barcode reader. OLT can provide technical detail on request.
  13. Q: What Plates can I use with Shifter?
    Shifter is designed for SwissCI 96 MCR 3 “Midi” Lens plates (or plates with same dimensions). Shifter may be able to accommodate different plates by using specially designed Plate Adaptors. A number of Plate Adaptors have been developed for customers over the years. If you wish to use different plates, please contact us to discuss.