Formulatrix RockImager integration

Shifter software supports integration with Formulatrix RockImager by exporting files from Rock Imager and importing into Shifter Workflow.

To import from Formulatrix RockImager into Shifter, follow these steps:

  1. Open RockImager and find the crystal/plate images you wish to import into Shifter.
  2. Make sure your images are scored 1-9.
  3. Select wells you wish to export. Make sure you click through images and select different drops if you need them. Use Ctrl-A to select all wells on screen. Click the right mouse button to get the pop-up (“context”) menu. On this menu select “Export Scores” option (see screen shot below). Select “Current Selection” (or other option if applicable) and save your scores to a file.
Screenshot showing how to export scores from Formulatrix RockImager
Exporting scores file from Formulatrix RockImager

4. Open Shifter Workflow software, navigate to the Workflow Tab. On the top right corner click the “Import” button to get the “Import from Formulatrix” option. Once you click on that option you will be asked to select file that you have just exported from Formulatrix.

5. Once the file is open, Shifter will ask you for the plate type you wish to use. The plate type selected must match the plate type used in Formulatrix, i.e. if Formulatrix is expecting an MRC 3 plate with 3 drops then you must choose a plate with 3 drops. This is important as Formulatrix file will contain information on drops to be selected.

At this point you will also have the option to change Formulatrix Plate ID for something else (e.g. plate barcode or a custom name). In case your RockImager contains more than one plate, any changes to plate IDs will relate only to the first plate in the export file.

6.Drops will be translated sequentially, for example, Formulatrix enumerates drops as 1,2,3 whilst Shifter has ability to use any name for any well (e.g. SwissCI MRC 3 plate uses names ‘a’, ‘c’, and ‘d’ for wells). In this example, Shifter will translate 1 to a, 2 to c, and 3 to d.

7. By default, Shifter will only import scores that are 9 or above. This however is configurable using Shifter Set-up/Configuration application. If Shifter is configured to import more than one score value (e.g. importing scores 1-9) then the user can filter their worklists in Shifter Workflow software by using a simple crystal score filter drop down.

8. Once the mapping of plates, wells, and drops is complete, Shifter software will ask you to save the new worklist as a Shifter file (ie file in Shifter format). Choose appropriate location and name for your file.

9. Assuming no errors, you are set to go!

Additional Configuration Options

Additional configuration import options are available in the Shifter Configuration/Set-up application. Open the “Set-up” tab, unlock the screen, and find the Formulatrix section in settings.

One of the configuration parameters you may want to consider is the threshold score to be imported. By default, all scores above 9 will be imported but if you set this configuration parameter to a lower value more items from Formulatrix file will be imported. Value of zero will import all lines. Please see setting description for further guidance.

The Shifter Workflow can filter by crystal score before fishing in case filtering down is required after import.