How to change Shifter device driver

In order to change Shifter’s device driver, the following steps should be completed.

As an example, instructions below show how to change from driver version 2.1 (old/current encoder driver) to driver version 2.2 (new/improved encoder driver). Changing driver version to 2.2 will enable use of new encoder driver. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Shifter Backup/Restore application and backup your settings to a safe location.
  2. Download and install Shifter software containing the driver version you intend to use (for our example this is software version 1.4.8 and above)
  3. Start the Shifter Configuration application
  4. Go to “Set-up” tab and locate “DeviceVersionNumber” parameter (this will be close to the top of the list)
  5. Unlock the “set-up” tab by pressing the “unlock” button and then change the parameter from “” to “2.2”
  6. Restart the Shifter Configuration application and go to “About” tab
  7. Recalibrate your device:
    • mandatory: configure envelopes (min/max X and Y positions)
    • mandatory: calibrate sensors (X/Y encoders)
    • Highly recommended: confirm and if requried recalibrate your steps-per-mm parameters (both X and Y).
    • Note: your new settings will not be fully effective until  you restart the software (i.e. if you are intending to test movement during calibration you may want to restart the software before each test).
  8. Once recalibration is complete, close Shifter Configuration application and start Shifter Workflow.
  9. You have upgraded your Shifter device driver.
  10. If you wish to revert to the old version of the driver, open Shifter Backup/Restore software and revert to the backup made in step 1.