Update to Shifter Workflow User Experience (Jul 2018)

Starting with Shifter Workflow software v1.4.8, the Workflow tab has changed based on user feedback to ensure the user can decide what level of data is recorded alongside any experiment.

When picking crystals in Shifter Workflow, users sometimes just wish to  quickly record “mounted” or “fail” without any furhter information. Sometimes users wish to record detailed information on the state of compound and crystal. The current green/red buttons were found to be confusing as users were not always clear what the comments in brackets stand for and how to use them in these two scenarios.
Users also wanted to be able to see destination name (puck) of the current crystal on the screen without having to scroll.

In the new software, the user can now record as little as “Fail” or “Mount” or can provide data on the state of compound and/or crystal.

The Experiment Outcome section which was previously 4 Fail and 4 Mount buttons has now expanded into three sections (see image or video below):

  1. Compound State [Optional]: use one of the buttons to describe state of the compound. The user is not required to select compound state. When you select (click) a compound state button it will turn yellow to indicate it has been selected. If you wish to de-select the button just click it again.
  2. Crystal State [Optional]: use one of the buttons to describe state of the crystal. This is optional: the user is not required to select crystal state.
  3. Pick Outcome [Mandatory]: these two buttons record the overall outcome of the picking operation or the experiment. The user is required to press either Fail or Mounted after which the device will position under the microscope the next item on the worklist for processing.Please see image below or click here for a video  [the video can be found on the usual Shifter Support Google Drive / Software Instructions folder] on how to use the Experiment Outcome section in the new software version.
New Workflow Buttons