Crystal Harvesting Instrument

Crystal Shifter Protein Crystallization Robot

Crystal Shifter instrument is an x-y stage for microscope with computer software that automates everyday tasks in protein fragment screening and improves quality of experiments.

The Shifter robot is an essential part of any crystallographic lab: it will prove to be a valuable tool if you are processing a few crystals per week or hundreds per hour. For home labs – Shifter can provide near-complete platform for your experiments: from experiment and compound preparation, imaging/scoring, soaking, mounting, to shipping samples to the beamline. For larger labs, Shifter excels at helping you with experiment preparation and crystal mounting whilst seamlessly integrating with other specialized instrumentation and software.

The Crystal Shifter software is a powerful tool that complements our instrument. It can help you do many tasks such as experiment preparation, harvesting using different protocols, soaking and fishing in both sitting and hanging drop scenarios. Shifter can also image your crystals, including full plate imaging and crystal scoring.

Our protocols have been tried and tested in world’s leading labs – from Universities to leading Pharmaceuticals using fragment-based drug discovery. Shifter has built-in protocols for common protocols like crystal soaking, distributions, transfers, dip soaking. In addition, Shifter software provides several additional protocols that make time-consuming and complex routine tasks quick and easy. Shifter handles automatically wells with multiple crystals and supports all popular crystallization plate formats. Outcomes of your experiments are automatically recorded and Shifter will automatically map your pucks, pins, and crystal IDs for you – this information can be synced with your experiment database or other software too! Finally, Shifter can take images of crystals, full plates, and facilitate crystal scoring.

Shifter integrates with other equipment and software. From Formulatrix RockImager®, SoakDB, ISPyB, custom lab LIMS, to uploading data and creating shipments to your beamline – Crystal Shifter has it covered!

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Oxford Lab Technologies Crystal Shifter: Diamond Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institut, University of Dundee, Bayer, Nuvisan, Merck, Shanghai Accelerator, Sinap, Structural Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford
Crystal Shifter robot is an essential tool in drug discovery pharma and research labs for protein fragment screening - from experiment preparation to crystal mounting and beamline processing.