Crystal Harvesting Device

OLT Crystal Shifter Device

Crystal Shifter device automates everyday tasks in protein fragment screening and improves quality of experiments. Shifter is an essential part of any crystallographic lab: it will prove to be a valuable tool if you are processing a few crystals per week or thousands per hour.

Shifter software helps you do many tasks – from cryo exploration, crystal imaging and scoring, experiment and sample preparation to using different protocols. With Crystal Shifter you can do more than just fishing – we provide protocols for soaking, distribution and transfers, dip soaking in both sitting and hanging drop scenarios. Software handles automatically wells with multiple crystals and supports all popular crystallization plate formats.

Shifter can also integrate with other equipment and software. From Formulatrix RockImager®, SoakDB, to uploading data and creating shipments to your beamline – Shifter has it covered!

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