Crystal Shifter

Crystal Shifter device is an x-y stage for microscope with computer software that automates everyday tasks in protein fragment screening and improves quality of experiments.

The Shifter robot is an essential part of any crystallographic lab: it will prove to be a valuable tool if you are processing a few crystals per week or hundreds per hour.

Shifter software is can help you do many tasks such as experiment preparation, harvesting using different protocols, soaking, handling multiple crystals per well, and fishing in both sitting and hanging drop scenarios. Shifter can also image your crystals, including full plate imaging (via microscope camera) and scoring.

Shifter supports many different crystallization plates and will integrate with your pipeline and beamline well: from Formulatrix RockImager®, SoakDB, to uploading samples to ISPyB – Shifter has it covered!

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